12 Brilliant Dollar Tree Wedding Decoration Ideas To Try in 2024

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Save money with these wedding decoration ideas from Dollar Tree! You won’t believe these easy hacks!

woman creating diy dollar tree wedding decoration ideas like a hula hoop photo display

Weddings can get pricey. 💸

However, with our Dollar Tree wedding ideas & genius hacks, you can pull off a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank! While you might not want to go the cheapest route for every detail and idea when planning your special day, you can tackle a few wedding to-dos using $1.25 items from Dollar Tree… and we’re sharing just how you can do it!

1. Think outside the box (or circle) to display special memories.

gold hula hoop with colorful florals and pictures in middle

Show off photos at your bridal shower, wedding, or reception by making a Hula Hoop Photo Hanging Display. You can even use it after the wedding and just swap out the photos! This is one of our favorite Dollar Tree wedding ideas!

hand holding a can of gold spray paint over painted hula hoop on cardboard

Having a rustic wedding or want to spruce up an outdoor space? You can also grab a $1.25 Dollar Tree hula hoop and create a “chandelier” by painting it and wrapping it with hanging lights and greenery. Then, suspend it from the ceiling of your venue or from tree branches with rope.

outdoor wedding with tables chairs and various string lights hanging from sky - dollar tree wedding

Just look at the gorgeous possibilities awaiting you and your guests! 😍

“I did the hula hoop picture frame hack last year for my sister’s bridal shower. She LOVED it! She still has it hanging on the wall in her house with the pictures she sent me to hang on it. I think I spent like $5 total to make it.” – Kova, Hip2Save reader

2. Use picture frames to make elegant décor and table centerpieces.

Lanterns made from dollar store picture frames, one of our favorite dollar tree wedding decoration ideas

Dollar Tree sells large picture frames that are perfect for making these rustic DIY lanterns for an outdoor or evening wedding. What an affordable and elegant way to add extra lighting and ambiance without breaking the bank, especially if you’re going for that rustic, farmhouse look.

close up of metal lantern with candle inside and number 3 hanging from the top - dollar tree wedding

Put a few lanterns down the aisle walkway, at the altar, or on the tables at the reception… no one will ever know those lanterns came from Dollar Tree picture frames! 😱

Other Dollar Tree wedding ideas include using picture frames to create a DIY framed seating arrangement or some gorgeous framed table numbers.

3. One of the Dollar Tree wedding hacks to try is to make your own flower girl bouquet.

close up of colorful flowers in store

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that flowers can beonlinee a major expense if you’re not careful. Fortunately, Dollar Tree carries an assortment of artificial flowers in various colors and sizes! If you’re looking to save on flower costs for your wedding, consider making a bouquet for the flower girl or a bridal practice bouquet for the rehearsal, or a toss bouquet for the reception.

“I LOVE using Dollar Tree flowers and they are a great way to cut the budget. For my daughter’s wedding, I used Dollar Tree flowers mixed with florals from Hobby Lobby that look real and everything looked GREAT!” – Deborah, Hip2Save reader

girl holding pink rose bouquet - dollar tree wedding

If you tend to have allergic reactions towards some flowers, you can even create a bridal bouquet for your big day using a paper towel tube for the handle, a foam craft ball, ribbon, and Dollar Tree artificial flowers. Make sure to also check out Pinterest for even more inspiration.

“Fake flowers were awesome for our July wedding. Real ones would have been very expensive and would have wilted before the ceremony even started due to the heat!! Plus, we were able to make them ahead of time so we knew what they would look like. We put the money we saved in different areas on our wedding toward a down payment for our house. I still have my bouquet in a vase in my window, over 15 years later!” – Corey, Hip2Save reader

4. Decorate your wedding with trendy giant tissue paper flowers from the Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Tissue Paper which can be used as one of our Dollar Tree wedding decoration ideas

When it onlinees to wedding decorating ideas, a few suggestions are as affordable as these DIY tissue paper flowers. Use them to decorate the tables, place them on the backs of chairs, or even create a fun photo backdrop at the reception.

bride and groom holding hands at wedding ceremony - dollar tree wedding

You can also easily make these paper flowers from Dollar Tree’s tissue paper using this tutorial from Hello Creative Family.

5. One of the easier Dollar Tree wedding decoration ideas is to create floral initials for the bride and groom.

Bride and Groom Initial decor from Dollar Tree

You can create this gorgeous decoration using materials just from the Dollar Tree. These giant initials are made using foam board and artificial flowers. Follow along with the DIY instructions to create some of your own. It’s so easy to customize these to fit your color theme!

6. Charge your tables on the cheap with Dollar Tree’s endless dinnerware collections.

dollar tree wedding plates

If you’re planning to host a sit-down dinner and want to spruce up your table setting on the cheap or plan on serving wine at the reception, definitely scope out Dollar Tree’s dinnerware & glassware first! The store has a ton of options. You can even wrap a sprig of faux greenery around your Dollar Tree champagne glasses to give them some extra flair.

wedding table setting with flowers candles and cake

Dollar Tree offers an assortment of dishes, glassware, chargers, silverware & steak knives, and so much more starting at just $1.25 each! They even have a silver-rimmed plate specifically for weddings. Choose a neutral color and you can reuse many of the items down the road!

7. Provide Dollar Tree flip flops at the reception or as wedding favors.

flip flops hanging in dollar tree store aisle

This is one of the most fun Dollar Tree wedding ideas on the list! ❤️ Sometimes unonlinefortable dress shoes can really kill the mood at a wedding reception… and nobody wants a party pooper! Make it easy for your guests to relax by letting them kick off their heels!

various colors of flip flops in basket in sand - dollar tree wedding

Offer your guests a pair of inexpensive flip-flops and watch the dance floor fill up! They’re also ideal for beach-themed or summer weddings. And the best part is they’re super affordable and you can even buy a white pair for the bride!

8. One of the best Dollar Tree wedding decoration ideas is to create ambience using seasonal-decor.

DIY dollar tree christmas table decor

Need more wedding decoration ideas? If you’re hosting a winter wedding you’ll love these charming Christmas tree centerpieces that are elegant, yet rustic. Our DIY instructions are super easy to follow! These seasonal pieces can help create the vibe you want!

A diy fall centerpiece which is one of our top Dollar Tree wedding decoration ideas

For a fall event, try one of the following Dollar Tree wedding ideas. Start with the gorgeous centerpiece above. You can create it in just a few easy steps!

Dollar tree wedding ideas include spray painting gold pumpkins to place on your tables

You can also cover Dollar Tree pumpkins in gold spray paint to give them a luxurious touch! These pumpkins look awesome spread out on reception tables. Just follow our easy Dollar Tree DIY instructions!

9. Repurpose Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day items as love-themed wedding decor.

valentines day decor at Dollar Tree

Stop by a Dollar Tree around Valentine’s Day and you might find some love-themed items that can double as wedding decorations. The “My Love” signs above could easily be used as decor for a cake-cutting station or placed near photos of the bride and groom.

10. Create a candy bar or favor table using platters and bowls from Dollar Tree.

easter dollar tree bowls decor

Candy and dessert bars are so much fun! Guests love to pick out their favorite sweets. Display your candy in apothecary jars from Dollar Tree or use these decorative bowls!

stone spray paint on plastic bowls

To make these simple wedding decorations a little more snazzy, use spray paint to give the bowls a stone look. Just follow our DIY instructions. These beautiful bowls can also be placed near the reception entrance and be used to hold wedding favors.

holding plastic tray

Another way to showcase desserts or favors is on a platter. Dollar Tree sells these pretty plastic trays designed to resemble china for just $1.25! For more candy bar ideas, visit the Dollar Tree blog.

11. Using candles or lanterns? Scoop up tea lights from Dollar Tree to save BIG.

holding LED tealights at Dollar Tree

Lighting can create an intimate ambiance. Skip the safety hazards by opting for LED lights instead of open flames. Tea lights are one of the best items to buy in bulk from the Dollar Tree!

If you’re having a rustic wedding, place the tea lights in Dollar Tree mason jars and then wrap the jars in decorative burlap. This wedding lighting idea is so simple but so cute! It’s one of the best Dollar Tree wedding hacks to try!

12. Keep the kids entertained with this genius activity idea from HGTV.

One of the best Dollar Tree wedding hacks include making an activity kit for the kids table.
Credit: HGTV

Decorate your kids’ table with this cute activity box. It’s so simple! Just stock up on crayons and clipboards at your local Dollar Tree. Then, print some free coloring pages from the internet. Pair the items together to create this adorable kids’ table activity station. This is one of the best Dollar Store wedding hacks to know because it keeps kids occupied at your reception for cheap!

See over 20 more wedding ideas for those on a budget!

About the writer:

Kara is a writer and photographer from the Midwest. Her creative work has appeared in various publications over the past decade. With a background in finance, she loves to be money-savvy.

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onlinements 39

  1. Bryant

    Dollar Tree artificial flowers look incredibly cheap. Even standing all the way at the opposite end of the store I can tell they’re el cheapo. Your flower girl’s bouquet will look nothing like the posted pic. You’ll have to spend good money at Hobby Lobby or Michaels to onlinee even close. Remember, you get what you pay for.

    • Amy

      I don’t think anyone is expecting any of these “hacks” to be fancy. But they will do if you are in a pinch! plus it’s a little girl, no one cares what her flowers look like, in fact i think the more fake and toy like they look, makes it cuter.

    • Rebecca

      All of those pictured look really cheap but they have nicer ones out right now that would make beautiful bouquets. Unfortunately they sell out super quick & not every store has them.

    • Chelsea

      If you pop them off their stem and layer two together, hot glue, and pop it back on the stem they look like decent flowers! It works well with flatter flowers like daisies, not ones like roses that are more formed. I do this for making all my seasonal wreaths, and it’s still cheaper than hobby lobby flowers.

    • PrincessMom

      Agreed, I use artificial flowers for the cemetery and the dollar store ones are awful. I buy most of mine at Joann Fabrics–they have fantastic sales and I usually get them for 50-75% off. Plus, they’re nice full flowers so you need less of them.

      That being said, I still wouldn’t use them for a wedding. You can order huge boxes of flowers from Costco for under $100 and put together all the flowers you need from those.

  2. mumonkeymom09

    I did the hula hoop picture frame hack last year for my sister’s bridal shower. She LOVED it! She still has it hanging on the wall in her house with the pictures she sent me to hang on it. I think I spent like $5 total to make it.

  3. Rebecca

    Follow Bargain Bethany on YouTube & Instagram. She got married last fall & has posted great ideals for Dollar Tree items & DIY’s she did for her wedding (which was beautiful!)

  4. Corey

    Fake flowers were awesome for our July wedding. Real ones would have been very expensive and would have wilted before the ceremony even started due to the heat!! Plus, we were able to make them ahead of time so we knew what they would look like. We put the money we saved in different areas on our wedding toward a down payment for our house. I still have my bouquet in a vase in my window, over 15 years later!

    • Tina

      Any photos? Where did you get the fake flowers?

  5. Doretha Bailey

    I love, love, love the hula hoop idea for a in expensive chandelier!! Amazing!!!!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m loving that one too, Doretha!

  6. Deborah

    I LOVE using dollar tree flowers! They may take a little more Orkney than others, but a great way to cut the budget. For my daughter’s wedding, I used DT flowers and added some from hobby lobby and the looked GREAT!

  7. Lynn

    These are ideas to get the creative juices going. You can wrap the hoops in tulle, ribbon, rope, add green or battery lights. Beyond weddings – birthdays, parties or dinners…
    How cheap or fancy is up to you. Thank you for the idea!!

    • iamkris10

      I used a hula hoop to make a wreath for a ‘grand’ entryway window. I got cheap garland, but a nice bow and accents. It ended up being about $10 as opposed to $150+ for a wreath the size I needed.

  8. Dee

    The first thing we cut from our wedding budget was favors. After attending many weddings and seeing them just left on the tables or tossed on the way out the door, we put the money toward more meaningful wedding expenses. Nobody will miss them.

    • PrincessMom

      onlinepletely agree. Either eliminate it altogether or make a donation instead. I went to one wedding where there was a sign posted in a picture frame where people got their table assignments. It said something along the lines of, “We have chosen to make a donation to the (local animal shelter) in honor of our guests who have joined us to celebrate today.” (It was phrased better than that lol but I thought it was really nice.) I’ve also seen online where people make donations to charities that are close to their families, like to a cancer charity for someone whose mom died of cancer.

    • Cherryluva

      To each their own. I’m a gift giver, it’s just what I do. My guests will have 3 gifts to take home to use this month.

  9. everybodyluvsmonkeys

    These are some really good ideas!

  10. Jen

    My Mom handmade beautiful seashell Angel ornaments for all of our guests. It was a December wedding. If you have anyone crafty in the family – they could make your favors if you want them. She did all the wedding flowers for the church out of silk flowers bought from craft stores on sale mixed with real pine boughs. This helped cut way down on the actual flower budget. My dress was from a bridal second-hand store and gorgeous. Stunning beading and at a huge discount. Weddings on the beach or at your favorite local park are super affordable, just contact the Park District or look online for their website. Our neighbor did our videography (that was his line of business) so he gave us a huge discount. My cousin who loves photography helped taking candids but we hired a professional for the rest. Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for help or reonlinemendations. 🙂

    • Jen

      Forgot to mention… have your wedding on a Friday (like we did) saves a lot also vs. Saturday or Sunday.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks a TON for taking a moment to share these helpful tips, Jen! Much appreciated!

  11. Theresa

    I cut way down on my floral cost with these easy ideas. First, I went to a trusted florist. Next, I told her my budget before getting in to what I wanted. Third I told her I wanted “drop ins” instead of flowers in a vase already and I bought all the cases at dollar tree. I had absolutely stunning bouquets, including one to throw, for a very reasonable price. She told me that because I was providing my own vases I was doubling the amount of flowers I was getting. (Since we discussed budget at the beginning I wasn’t looking to save any additional money)

  12. Ashley

    Keep all the wedding ideas and deals onlineing! My son is getting married in August and we are all about saving money and DIY projects!

  13. Ana

    I attended a wedding where they had all the tables covered in the cheap dollar tree tablecloths but they flipped them over so the fluffy side was up and that slippery side was facing down. It looked really good and the only reason I knew was because because the bride told me.
    After you decorate the table know one can tell.

    • Tina Gilmore

      what was the purpose for flipping them? Did you still see the color?

  14. Ann

    People spend way too much money on weddings. Go the cheap route and take that money and invest in a home. Nobody will remember any fancy decorations from a wedding, but they will remember your fancy home decorating.

  15. BM

    I love the tips you give.. always look fwd to them!!
    Thanks sooo much ❤

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welonlinee! Thanks for the kind words! Glad you’ve been loving the tips! 🥰

  16. nita

    Great real dozen roses and other bouquets at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Just arrange flowers, get tulle and wrap at cut stems for classic hand held bouquets.

  17. Tish Reames

    This excellent website definitely has all the info I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      YAY! So glad these tips and hacks were helpful for you, Tish! 💕

  18. VickiM

    We got married at a hotel. To mark the rows, I purchased navy blue & Plum purple velvet bows for the backs of the chairs; sold at Meijer at Christmas time. It looked beautiful. — I still have the bows 17 years later. I often use them on my Christmas tree and stairway banister.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      What a fun and memorable item to still have to decorate with, VickiM! Those colors sound beautiful – and I bet your wedding was too! 🤗

  19. shpootsen45

    We had limited funds for our wedding and ended up making flower pens and putting them in cheap coffee beans in simple dollar store glasses vases to serve as both the center prices at our reception and the favor for people to takeaway home with them. It was really simple but saved us a ton of money! We got married over a decade ago and I even had a friend text me recently a picture of her with one the flower pens! So fun! 🙂

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      So cute! Thanks for sharing about your multi-purpose centerpieces! Sounds like the flower pens were a success! 🙌🌸

  20. Sherril Hugill

    Finally, something worth reading. It’s great to find posts like this one.

  21. Ra’shonda

    Sara – I’m so jealous! Everything at Dollar Tree by me is $1.25. Not sure what part of the country you live in, but I would love it if my Dollar Tree had $1 items 😊

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for pointing that out, Ra’shonda. We’ve updated the pricing in the post to reflect that increase that’s taken place at Dollar Tree. ❤️

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